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We Are Problem Solvers

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Our first Core Value that we want to talk about is that we are problem solvers. Naturally, that is a very important core value for us. We are thinkers who focus on finding solutions for difficult or complex issues.

I’m not afraid of problem-solving. There is always a way.

-Hanneli Mustaparta

That is one of our favorite quotes. Difficult and complex issues don’t bother us. If they did, we could never be successful at anything that we do. But we are successful at everything that we do.

Why is it important to us that we are problem solvers? Let’s look at an example to illustrate. There are many different types of houses and landscapes in Atlanta and Athens. For example, let’s pretend there are 2 houses sitting next to one another in a neighborhood. And let’s assume they are identical floor plans and sit on what appear to be identical lots. In this scenario, both houses could have a basement leak. Does that mean that they are both leaking for the same reasons? Maybe they are, but chances are that they aren’t.


There are many variations that affect one house over another, even 2 like those described above. One house could have drainage issues in the yard while the other has a crack in the foundation You see, every house is unique, just like its owners. What might be causing a problem in one house may not be causing a problem in another. Even if they seem identical. It’s of utmost importance to us that we find the true source of a customer’s problem so that we can fix it right. It’s impossible to fix a problem right if you don’t know what is causing it to begin with. That’s true for any problem, really. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will effectively fix every problem in every house. You must know the source in order to know the solution.

We never approach a house or yard with a mentality that we already know what to expect. If we make early assumptions about what the problem or solution is, that may send us in the wrong direction. So we do an inspection first (gathering data & information) and then an analysis second (putting all the gathered data & information together).

Sometimes sources of problems are hard to detect and require more analysis than usual. That’s okay with us. We rather enjoy being presented with challenges and then rising up to meet them. We’ve never been ones to shrink back from meeting obstacles head on. And that’s why complex issues don’t bother us. There’s always a way to fix it right and we’re going to find it. We can solve any problem you throw at us.

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