“I Wish I Had Called You First!”

That’s what Cheryl from Atlanta, GA told us when we uncovered her real waterproofing problems and gave her a solution that worked permanently. She had been dealing with a leaking crawl space for several years.

When Cheryl’s home was first built she didn’t have any water intrusion issues, but about 5 years after moving in, she started to notice a wet dirt smell. One day Cheryl’s husband went into the crawl space to investigate. He found standing water on the floor and mildew on the floor joists above the crawl space. They assumed that they had a drainage issue so they contacted their landscaper and contracted with him to install catch basins and downspout extensions. This seemed to help for a few months, but then the problem came back during a period of multiple days of heavy rain. They contacted their landscaper, but he had no idea what else to do. They contacted the builder only to find that he was no longer in business.

Cheryl and her husband decided to call several “waterproofing” companies to see if they could provide a solution. They settled on the largest company in town, thinking that they would be the best bet to solve their issues once and for all. This was also the most expensive option, but after having already spent money on the issue and not getting it fixed, they wanted this resolved once and for all.

The company suggested a crawl space encapsulation with a pump and dehumidifier at a cost of $15,000. Since they were the reputed experts, Cheryl and her husband agreed to have the work done. They were excited to have the issue fixed and the work looked good, from what they could see. But then it rained, and this time the water came in worse than it had ever come in before. They called the “waterproofing” contractor that they had hired and the company sent people out to see what was wrong. To their credit, the company did make numerous attempts to keep the water from coming in, but to no avail. Finally, the company they had hired recommended that they call Dritek Solutions.

When we inspected Cheryl’s home, we suggested a completely exterior waterproofing solution to truly fix the water issue. Excavation of the foundation wall by hand was needed due to some landscaping and utility challenges on the property. Once we excavated and exposed the foundation wall, we found a large source of the water intrusion problem – a very large hole in the brick veneer where it met the foundation wall. We repaired the hole and waterproofed the entire exposed foundation wall with our proprietary waterproofing compound. We then installed our .45mil liner to direct the blocked water to our drainage solution, which put the water in its place and away from the foundation wall.

The cost of Cheryl’s project with us was 1/3 of what she had already paid another “waterproofing” company. And our solutions truly solved the problem permanently without the need for pumps and electricity. Cheryl finally had peace of mind and her final comment to us was, “I wish I had called you first!”

And there you have a case study about Cheryl and why she told us she wished she had called us first. She spent a lot of money trying to fix her water intrusion problem before she found us. Our goal, as always, was to find the source of the water problem and fix it properly and permanently. We put water in its place and kept it out of hers.When excavating, it is not uncommon to find large holes that are allowing water to penetrate into basements and crawl spaces. This is one of the many reasons why best building practices and the latest building science research states:

“… it is always better to intercept groundwater before it gets to a foundation wall. Exterior perimeter drainage is always preferable to interior perimeter drainage when it is practical and possible.“


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