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Cracked Concrete Repair in Greater Atlanta

Cracked concrete happens when part of a concrete slab breaks and sinks into underlying soil that has compressed or washed away. These cracks aren't just unsightly; they offer moisture a way to seep beneath the slab. This can cause the underlying soil to soften or even wash away completely. That in turn can cause the slab to crack further as it sinks into the void left by the washed-away soil.

To prevent moisture from seeping into the soil beneath, those cracks need to be sealed, as do the control joints that were cut between the slabs when they were first poured. While you could seal them with urethane caulk found at your local big-box DIY store, that is a solution that is prone to cracking, bubbling and drying out over time. Which means you'll likely be sealing them again... and sooner than you thought.

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The NexusPro Solution

Thankfully, fixing cracks in concrete has never been easier, thanks to a breakthrough in technology only available from Dritek Foundation Solutions and other concrete repair contractors in the Foundation Supportworks network.

NexusPro is a silicone-based sealant for joints and cracks specially formulated to provide long-lasting flexibility and to stand up to harsh weather conditions. Unlike traditional polyurethane sealants, NexusPro resists UV rays, which means it won't crack, bubble or dry out. That means a single application can seal the joints and cracks in your concrete driveway, patio, pool deck or sidewalk for years to come, protecting it from damage caused by soil compaction and washout.

Quick to Install, Quick to Cure

The NexusPro solution is installed by a highly trained crew that specializes in concrete repair and protection. First, the cracks are drilled, smoothed and prepared with non-absorbent backer rod filler. Then, the NexusPro sealant is inserted in the prepared crack or control joint. Finally, the cracks are detailed with a thin layer of native sand, giving the concrete a uniform, finished appearance. And, of course, sealed concrete cracks mean no unsightly weeds growing through.

NexusPro Advantages

NexusPro offers several advantages over traditional concrete crack repairs:

  • Not affected by extreme temperatures
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Can be installed year-round
  • Resistant to UV rays to prevent drying, cracking and bubbling
  • Cures in just 60 minutes (compared with 24-72 hours for urethane-based products)

Tree Root Removal with Concrete Repair!

Tree roots can wreak havoc on your concrete slabs. They are common causes of cracked concrete because of how strong and widespread they can grow. They are a natural part of the landscape and cannot be totally avoided, but as professionals we know how to stop them from causing more damage. We offer tree root removal to our concrete repair customers using expert techniques and products for a long-term solution.

When tree roots are removed from the soil, they can leave behind a big gap that can cause soil instabilitiy, ultimately damaging your concrete slabs further. When we remove harmful tree roots, we backfill the soil with PolyLevel. By using PolyLevel to fill the gaps, we ensure that the gaps are filled and stabilized permanently, without fear of chemical leaching once cured and inert. PolyLevel is also waterproof and will not absorb moisture or shift out of place. When applied by our experts, we are able to perform targetted, effective tree root removal and soil repair.

Restore your concrete with the NexusPro crack repair solution and tree root removal

If you have cracked concrete in your home, the local experts at Dritek Foundation Solutions are here to help with solutions to seal your unprotected joints and cracked concrete. We can even remove tree roots and stabilize the soil after removal to protect your concrete slabs. Contact us today for an on-site inspection and free cost estimate for concrete crack repair services in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Athens, Roswell, Marietta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Ellenwood, Gainesville and the surrounding areas.

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