Exterior vs. Interior Solutions

In the Atlanta and Athens areas, basements come in every shape and size and are built in many different ways. And so wet basements also come in every shape and size. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for leaking basements here in Atlanta. That is why we custom craft each waterproofing solution for each house and each customer.

We prefer exterior solutions because they are truly making your home waterproof. But sometimes that is not the most practical solution for every house or homeowner and we know that. So we also provide interior solutions as well. Below is a comparison of the Exterior vs. Interior Solutions that we provide.

Exterior Waterproofing

Regardless of the circumstances that have allowed water to enter your home, our first suggestion is always to keep the water out the way it was originally designed. Installing an interior drainage solution gets the water out but doesn’t actually waterproof the walls. For that, you need an exterior solution. It requires excavating around the house, but it may be the best solution if you have a foundation with numerous gaps. It also keeps the mess and water outside, which is the best choice if you don’t want to tear up a finished basement.

DriTek Solutions provides a full range of the best solutions for exterior waterproofing that are aimed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Exterior waterproofing is a permanent solution that works on the outside of your home or building to make your foundation walls impervious to water. This approach is greatly effective and takes care of your concerns because it ensures that water does not reach inside your home or your foundation walls in the first place. Your home will be protected from water damage by using our proprietary waterproofing compound, cutting-edge waterproofing techniques, and high-quality materials installed by our experts.

Every exterior waterproofing solution is different because water gets into different homes in different ways. The main exterior waterproofing solution that we provide can be described like a waterproof jacket for your foundation. Using the latest in building science research, the best materials, and our proprietary waterproofing compound, we add layers of protection which will inhibit any water from getting into the walls of your home. This is a permanent solution that will also maintain the home’s structural integrity.

Drainage & Grading

Good drainage systems and proper sealing will go a long way in protecting the interior of your home or building.

If water pools up and stands against your foundation, your home becomes more susceptible to basement leaks, flooding, and water in crawl spaces. Properly grading and draining your yard so that water runs away from the house can prevent damage to your foundation and water from intruding inside. French drains, catch basins, and other drainage solutions can provide an effective barrier for keeping water out. One of the biggest rules is simply to keep water away from the home. Through a proper drainage system, you can help protect your home from water.

We offer free estimates in which we will thoroughly evaluate your home’s unique circumstances and recommend the various solutions that are available. If we determine that exterior waterproofing is the best solution for your home, we will provide a comprehensive waterproofing solution that will restore your home to a dry, safe and comfortable environment.

Interior Water Management

At DriTek Solutions, we also offer effective quality interior water management solutions. We use only the best materials available along with the latest waterproofing and water control methods to ensure that your basement stays dry. Like exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, or more accurately, water management, can also take different forms because, again, every house and foundation is different. Interior solutions, typically involve installing in floor drainage systems, sump pumps, and vapor barriers inside your basement foundation walls and floor. Installing interior solutions commonly require opening the concrete slab around the perimeter of your basement in order to install the in floor drainage system. The concrete slab is also opened to allow the installation of a sump pump that will pump the captured water out of your basement. Once the solution is installed, the concrete that we removed is replaced so that the previous finished appearance can be restored.

An interior system might be the right choice for you if you have an unfinished basement with easy access. It’s might also be the practical choice if your yard is filled with mature landscaping that digging an exterior drainage solution would damage.

Note that these in-floor interior systems were originally designed for basements in the Midwest or other regions where all 4 basement walls are below grade. In those regions, there is typically no other viable option but to bring the water in through this method and then pump it out. Fortunately, in the Atlanta and Athens areas, we have both exterior and interior options that are effective.

We offer free estimates in which we will thoroughly evaluate your home’s unique circumstances and recommend the various solutions that are available. If we determine that interior water management is the best solution for your home, we will provide a comprehensive solution that will restore your home to a dry, safe and comfortable environment.

So with DriTek Solutions, the choice is yours!

Our Promise

We won’t come to your home or business with preconceived goal of selling you our products. To ensure that you get the exact result that you want, and that your water concern is permanently solved for good, we utilize a personalized approach to your home. We will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your foundation and basement and then discuss the options available to you, both exterior solutions as well as interior solutions.

Although we prefer exterior solutions because they are truly waterproofing your home, we’ll fix your water problem in whatever manner fits your desires and your budget. We just want to fix your water problem for you and give you back the peace of mind that your home will be dry and comfortable.

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