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Problems in your foundation today can cause even bigger problems in your home tomorrow. Your home’s safety and value is at stake, as well as your peace of mind, so it’s essential to find an expert and trusted foundation repair company. In the Atlanta & Athens areas, that’s DriTek Solutions!

Custom Crafted Solutions


Your foundation and your drainage systems are intended to handle the excess water and support your home regardless of these climate or seasonal changes. But sometimes the footing or foundation wall needs supplemental structural support. Settlement and shifting of porch, deck and stoop footings undergo the exact same stresses and loads and likewise can be repaired and stabilized using helical piers.

When faced with a settlement issue, the best choice for stabilizing and lifting foundation walls and footings is to use helical or push piers. Helical piers and push piers are relatively quick to install, cause minimal collateral damage to surrounding landscaping and are more affordable than replacing a settled structure.

In addition, helical and push piers permanently stabilize the structure by displacing the structure’s weight to bedrock or suitable load bearing soil. Often simply rebuilding a footing or foundation wall can result in a recurring failure if steps are not taken to correct the causes of the initial failure.

Helical piers (also known as helical piles) are used to repair an existing structure. When helical piers are used to repair an existing structure, they are screwed into the soil until a pre-determined torque is reached. A bracket is then placed on the steel shaft and positioned under the footing of the structure, transferring the load of the structure to the helical piers. The structure can then be stabilized or lifted back level.

The Push Pier Solution is also used to fix foundation settlement. Push Piers use steel tubes that utilize the weight of the structure to hydraulically drive the piers to bedrock or other competent load bearing strata. The piers are spaced a maximum of 6 feet apart and are used to level or stabilized an existing foundation.

Once the tubes are driven to bedrock or the competent load-bearing strata, the load of the structure is fully transferred to the pier through an underpinning bracket that is positioned under the footing. The structure is now stabilized to prevent any further settlement.


Our Wall Anchor system utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. What’s more, the system works on any kind of basement wall – concrete block, clay block, poured concrete, timber, or stone.

The solution consists of an interior galvanized steel wall plate, an exterior galvanized steel soil anchor, commonly referred to as a “deadman anchor” and a connecting steel rod to stabilize foundation walls by counteracting pressure exerted against the wall.

Our Wall Anchor system is a property owner’s alternative to completely removing and rebuilding basement walls that have become cracked, leaning or bowed as a result of pressures exceeding the allowable design capacity of the wall.

Installing our Wall Anchor System usually takes less than one day, and the installation team will leave your home and lawn with minimal disturbance. Anchors are placed in specific locations along the wall, and rod extenders can be added to avoid all decking, cement work, flower beds, and other landscaping. And because the system works with the wall and ground, structural changes to your house are unnecessary.

Whether the cracking or bowing is caused by inadequate drainage, Improper construction practices, expansive soil or another problem, don’t risk the investment in your home by failing to address the issue.

A few of the benefits of our Wall Anchors are:

• Minimal excavation or disturbance to property, lawn or landscaping

• Installed in a day or less

• No wait – can be installed year-round

• Easily installed in areas with decks, landscaping or flowerbeds

• Cost-effective – less cost than re-building foundation wall(s)


Foundation walls that are cracked or bowing are indicators the your foundation is in need of professional help. Our Carbon Fiber Beams will help reinforce your walls and permanently stabilize your walls. Foundation cracks and bowing are serious problems that will worsen over time if not corrected. Reach out to us and have a foundation repair specialist from Dritek Solutions determine what conditions are causing your foundation damage.

By accurately diagnosing the cause of the foundation problem, we can determine if carbon fiber wall reinforcement is the best solution for your foundation. Signs of foundation damage are usually easy to spot.

Dritek Solutions Carbon Fiber Beams, developed by GripTite, is a state-of-the-art solution used to stabilize and bowing foundation walls.

Carbon Fiber Beams reinforce and stabilize basement walls utilizing the same technology used to make bulletproof vests, repair concrete bridges, reinforce skyscrapers and build military aircraft.

Foundation walls built from concrete block will typically crack along joint lines between blocks, forming a horizontal crack near the grade of the soil outside the wall and “stair step” cracking at the corners.

Cracks in poured concrete walls often display diagonal cracking extending from the bottom corners of the wall towards the top center. With either type of foundation, cracks can be accompanied by sections of wall that bow or tip inward.

Once we determine how many carbon fiber beams will be required to properly reinforce the wall, the installation process goes quickly. High-strength epoxy is used to adhere the Carbon Fiber Beams to the wall and to add to each beam’s strength. Once the repair is complete, the beams can be painted and they will virtually disappear.


Helical Tieback Anchors are similar to the Wall Anchor system in that we use the same wall brace plate to brace the wall. Helical Tieback Anchors are installed by driving a helical pier into the earth behind the wall with common rotary drilling equipment.

When the anchor is rotated into the ground, the helix plates generate an axial thrust causing the helical tie-back to advance into the ground much like a screw into wood. With one end of the tie-back secured to the wall, the Helical Anchor is rotated into the ground at an angle to stabilize the wall against lateral loads. Capacities up to 35,000 pounds per anchor are obtainable with this capable system.

Dritek Solutions uses either a 1.5 inch Square Shaft Helical or a 1.75 Square Shaft Helical Tieback Anchor. The Dritek Solutions Square Shaft Helical Anchor lead sections and extensions are available with helix blade configurations to meet various project-specific requirements. All of our Helical Tieback Anchors are galvanized steel for maximum longevity.


Our Power Post solution is a safe and effective way to permanently stabilize and restore the structural integrity of your floor joists and foundation.

The Power Post solution is fully adjustable and brings the capacity to lift and support your floor loads by supporting the existing beams in your crawl space or basement. If the beams are inadequate to support the loads of your home, we can install supplemental beams to safely and permanently support and distribute the loads of your home to solid ground.

Another issue that can arise in your basement or foundation is the deterioration of the existing metal support poles from rust. This is particularly problematic in a crawlspace, basement or garage where the posts are exposed to air that isn’t conditioned or foundations/slabs that have or have had water intrusion issues. Once the oxidation process progresses beyond surface rust, the structural integrity of the post has been compromised. Our Power Posts are the perfect replacement option.

A few of the benefits of our Power Posts are:

• 3-inch outside diameter x .120-inch wall galvanized tube steel with an ultimate load capacity of 60,000 lbs. each!

• Galvanized steel won’t rust.

• Immediate stabilization with the opportunity to return floors to level over time because they are fully adjustable.

• Can be installed in any basement, crawl space or garage


We can install supplemental beams in basements and crawl spaces that will be supported with our Power Post solution. This is a safe and effective way to permanently stabilize and restore the structural integrity of your floor joists and foundation.

We are proud to be a licensed dealer of superior Grip-Tite Foundation Repair products and a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist.

Why choose DriTek Solutions?

We recently heard our competitors claim that they also offer “custom crafted solutions”, but this is simply not true. Our competitors are limited by distributors and networks that they sell products for. And they are limited by the fact that they do not do everything that we do.

But we don’t have limits! We aren’t limited by distributors, by networks, or by what we can or can’t do. We truly craft custom foundation repair solutions using patented products and the latest in building science research. We are locally owned and operated and have served the Atlanta and Athens areas for 30 years. We are highly recommended by our customers and have an A+ BBB rating.

We are:

• Experienced enough to know exactly what is causing your foundation problem

• Large enough to fix it right

• Small enough to really care about you and your home.

We offer:

• Transferrable warranty

• Satisfaction guarantee

• Custom crafted foundation repair solutions

At DriTek Solutions, we solve all foundation repair problems – foundation cracks, water leaks, sagging floors, and more. For patented and permanent solutions from experienced foundation repair contractors, call us today. You’ll be glad you did!

We provide free estimates in the Atlanta area, including Marietta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Acworth, Dunwoody, Decatur, Lawrenceville, and Snellville. We provide our services from the Atlanta area to Athens, GA.

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