How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

When people call us about waterproofing, they often ask, “How much will it cost?” That’s a good question and one that we understand.

You may find some articles on Angie’s List, Thumbtack, or Home Advisor that discuss some costs, but they can’t give you the full picture. You might also find articles comparing interior systems and french drains, but those also don’t give you all the information because there’s more to waterproofing than simply installing a french drain or a sump pump.

There are many things that determine the cost of waterproofing a basement, and because every house is different, it’s virtually impossible to give a ballpark figure without an inspection.

Here are the main considerations when determining the price of waterproofing a basement:

  1. What type of foundation do you have?

    Is your foundation concrete blocks or poured walls? Some in the Atlanta and Athens area may even be constructed of brick or stone. We’ve even seen wood foundations. Every foundation type has a different way in which it must be repaired.

  2. How deep is your foundation?

    We are fortunate here in our area that the majority of our basements are daylight basements, meaning that there is at least one side with a door and/or windows. We don’t have codes that require basements to be a certain depth below the frost line, so it’s easier here than in the north and midwest to access the exterior of the foundation. But we also live in a hilly area, so foundation depths run the gamut from < 1-foot to 8-feet or sometimes more. The depth of the foundation is a factor because the deeper the foundation, the more is required to access it for exterior waterproofing. Interior water management cost isn’t really determined by the depth.

  3. Do you want interior or exterior waterproofing?

    We offer both exterior waterproofing and interior water management. There are reasons to choose each and we have outlined them here on our methods page.

  4. What does your home need?

    Depending on what is causing the leak, the cost can vary a lot. We know that sounds like a vague answer, but the cost truly is determined by a multitude of factors. If you have a somewhat small crack in a poured concrete foundation that is causing the leak, the cost will be small compared to a large, deep basement in need of a full perimeter exterior waterproofing solution. And perhaps the problem isn’t in the foundation at all, rather it’s because of poor drainage or erosion.

Hopefully you can understand that the cost to waterproof a basement or foundation varies widely depending on several factors. And it might sound complicated, but it isn’t for us. We’ve seen it all and waterproofed it all. You want a company like DriTek Solutions that is experienced & trustworthy and provides all the solutions necessary to truly fix your basement leak.

If you’re interested in getting a firm quote from experienced and trustworthy experts, contact us here or call us at 770-963-9393.

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