Often we find improperly designed and/or installed landscaping and hardscapes causing drainage problems. If there is little to no landscaping present in erosion areas, that will only make a drainage problem worse as the soil needs something to keep it in place. Improperly designed and installed hardscapes can actually direct water toward, rather than away from, your home. Or you may find that water pools or ponds on your driveway, walkway, or patio.

We provide complete expert landscaping design and installation services which can involve all or a combination of some of the following:

Sod Installation

As we’ve discussed on numerous pages on our site, proper landscaping is imperative for proper drainage. Sod installation can help tremendously with soil erosion and drainage problems. There are several steps and things to consider when laying sod, so finding an expert is important to correct sod installation to solve your drainage issue. Necessary considerations include: soil quality, type & quality of sod, sun exposure, and grading of the land. On top of those things, proper installation further involves expertise & experience in correct laying and rolling techniques to obtain the right lawn for your drainage solution.


Landscape Installation

Besides sod installation, you may also require or desire plant, flower, and tree installations for your drainage solution. And as with sod, proper plantings require more than just digging holes and placing pretty plants in the ground.

Necessary considerations are: soil quality, plant heartiness, plant requirements, plant quality, sun exposure, and irrigation. On top of those things, proper installation further involves expertise & experience in correct placement and planting techniques to obtain the right landscape for your drainage solution.


Landscape Design

You may require or desire a complete landscape design for your yard. We have 30+ years of experience in landscape design for both beauty and function.If you have ideas for the perfect project or to improve your yard, but you just don’t know how to make it happen, then we can help. Not only can we install the landscaping that you need, but we can also complete an entire design for your yard if you wish.


Patios & Outdoor Living

Many times homeowners like yourself are experiencing drainage problems with their driveways, walkways, or patios. Sometime hardscapes have been installed improperly or have deteriorated over time. Walkways settle and porch stoops begin to sag. We can fix all of those hardscape problems.

Perhaps you want to add some new hardscaping to your yard, whether it’s a new patio, walkway or outdoor living area complete with a kitchen and fire pit. If you dream it, we can build it for you and we have 30+ years of experience and expertise backing us up.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are both functional and beautiful and built for a variety of reasons. They keep plants and soil in place and prevent sliding and soil degradation. They can also be used to terrace a yard, providing more usable space for your and your family. Retaining walls provide support to the soil and inhibit runoff, which reduces erosion. Because drainage pipes and channels can be built into them, they are also effective forms of flood control.

We have extensive experience and expertise in building retaining walls in every shape and size. And retaining walls can be customized with many different selections of materials to match your home or landscape.


Proper grading is essential for both correct yard drainage as well as keeping your home’s foundation dry and structurally sound. It’s important that the soil be graded properly, which is more than simply sloping away from the house. Often times, during construction the soil around your home has been backfilled without the correct compaction and then it settles. This is especially true under porch and patio stoops where water can pool near your foundation and cause damage. Other times, especially with older homes, construction trash pits have been buried and as the trash decomposes you are left with a sink hole in your yard that is both unsightly and potentially dangerous.

We have 30+ years experience and expertise in grading for both old and new home & building sites backing us.

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