You can trust everyone who says they are foundation repair experts to provide you with the exact solution that you need.

Unfortunately we are hearing more and more stories from customers who have been given presentations and estimates for services they don’t need. Our promise to you: We won’t sell you systems and services that aren’t necessary to solve your problem.

Do we want you to hire us to help you solve your foundation and drainage problems? Of course! But we’re not going to embellish your needs just to meet sales quotas. We have “been there, done that” working with other companies in this industry and we simply couldn’t sleep well at night if we weren’t being honest with you about what you do and don’t need. We mean it when we say “Foundation Repair Done Right!”

All foundation waterproofing companies do exterior & interior waterproofing and also provide drainage solutions.

Unfortunately, we hear the following story more and more these days: You call a company and ask if they do exterior waterproofing or drainage, to which they say yes. So you book an appointment with them to come out give you an estimate. Once they arrive they state that they do not or will not or cannot waterproof from the outside, but they have a better system that they can install inside.

These companies that claim to do exterior waterproofing and drainage just want to get their foot in your door so that they can sell you their interior systems. They sometimes claim that yes, they can or will do it from the outside, but only if you also install an interior system. Don’t be fooled. We are the only Atlanta foundation company that builds custom & comprehensive solutions that work to fix your foundation waterproofing issues.

See the last myth below for more information about why the above myth exists.

Exterior solutions aren’t permanent, they won’t correct the water intrusion problem, and water always finds its way inside. You have to use an interior system.

Exterior waterproofing is effective and permanent when done correctly. The above myth comes from homeowners who have relied on landscapers or a handyman to fix their water problem. Sometimes they use tar and plastic (some “waterproofing” companies in the area still use this method and it simply doesn’t work), and other times they might re-landscape or attempt to divert the water away with their idea of what is commonly called a French drain.

If someone attempts to waterproof a foundation from the outside, yet doesn’t understand how houses are built, doesn’t understand grading and drainage properly, and doesn’t understand Atlanta soils and climate, there’s sure to be a problem.

When done correctly with the expertise and solutions that we employ, water absolutely cannot make its way into your home. Your home was neither designed, nor was it built, to leak. We use our expertise in home construction, Atlanta soils and climate, and drainage & grading to keep the water out permanently.

Best building practices and the latest in building science research states that “it is always better to intercept groundwater before it even gets to a foundation wall. Exterior drainage solutions are always preferable to interior systems when it is practical and possible.” And here in the Atlanta area, exterior drainage solutions are almost always practical and possible. See the fact below for more information about why this is true.

The best way to “waterproof” your foundation is to bring the water in and then control it and pump it back outside.

Actually, the ONLY way to waterproof your foundation is to ACTUALLY WATERPROOF your foundation – from the outside – and keep the water out, where it belongs. Yes, this is possible. Yes, this is practical. But it must be done by experts in waterproofing, drainage, construction and grading. See the above myths for some reasons why companies claim that it can’t be done effectively from the outside.

Here’s what you need to know: Interior water management systems were developed in the northern and midwestern US. In those areas of the country, the majority of basements are completely underground on all 4 sides and it is impractical and nearly impossible to correct waterproofing issues on the exterior of a foundation post-construction. But here in the Atlanta area, we have what are commonly called daylight basements. Daylight basements make it entirely possible and practical to effectively fix basement waterproofing issues solely from the outside. And when foundation waterproofing issues are fixed from the outside, there’s no need to tear up your floors and walls.

Best building practices and the latest building science research states that “it is always better to intercept groundwater before it gets to a foundation wall. Exterior perimeter drainage is always preferable to interior perimeter drainage when it is practical and possible.” And here in the Atlanta area, exterior drainage solutions are almost always practical and possible.

We will work with you to custom craft a waterproofing solution that best fits your home, your desires, and your goals!

There are many foundation waterproofing companies in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

We’re going to get technical for a moment. The definition of the word “waterproof”, as we apply it, is as follows:

First, it can be used as an adjective that means impervious to water, as in a waterproof hat. Used especially to mean covered or treated with a material to prevent permeation by water. Synonyms are watertight and impermeable.

Second, it can be used as a verb that means to make an item waterproof, as in we will waterproof your foundation. When used as a verb, it is used to mean covering or treating with a material to prevent permeation by water. Synonyms are close, seal, secure and stop.

Words are important to us. When we use the word “waterproof” at Dritek Solutions, the definition above is what we mean.


Instead of waterproofing, here’s what happens: The real issue causing water intrusion into your foundation isn’t addressed. Rather than keeping the water out, most “waterproofing” companies will simply redirect the water into a drainage system on the inside of your foundation walls consisting of plastic vapor barriers, tape and caulk. Below are some pictures of a home we recently inspected that had an interior system professionally installed by a waterproofing company:

These vapor barriers direct water into a trench or drainage pipe system which is typically placed on top of the footing of your foundation walls (which is not recommended by building scientists).

This is exactly where you don’t want running water. It can actually lead to structural issues over time. The drain system that is installed at or on the footing typically routes the water to a sump pump that is in a basin that is installed in the concrete floor.

This means that the system will rely on electricity to evacuate water from the basin, so if the power fails (for any reason, be it a power outage or a tripped breaker or GFCI) the system fails. Battery backups can be purchased, but this adds to the expense and is a temporary failsafe. If the power is off for an extended period of time, you are only protected until the battery dies.

If you have a block wall foundation, they will need to drill weep holes in every cell of the wall near the floor to encourage water to flow through your foundation walls and into the system. Another factor to consider: if an interior system fails, it will potentially leak more than the original problem that you were trying to solve. Why? Because you’ve actually given the water a path of least resistance that flows right into your basement.

Here’s the bottom line: there’s nothing waterproof about an interior “waterproofing” system. Very few companies actually waterproof your home’s foundation.

Briefly, here is the difference between what they do and what we do:

figure 1: What they do = not waterproof

figure 2: What we do = waterproof

To learn more, visit our exterior vs. interior solutions page.


Several of these companies (even the ones who call themselves “locally owned and operated”) are either franchise operations or members of national dealer networks that sell interior water management products. To fix the problem from the outside would negate the necessity to install the products that they sell for their suppliers. So while they might privately acknowledge that an exterior solution is superior, the exterior solution creates a conflict of interest for them. In other words, they aren’t really interested in fixing the actual problem, they just need to sell you the products that their suppliers manufacture. This means that they have to build your problem around their “solution” or the products they sell.

We aren’t limited by the constraints of any supplier, franchise or network. Some of these companies will do exterior work, but they will not provide a life of structure warranty unless you also have interior work done as well.

At DriTek, our solutions are truly crafted and customized to your home so that we effectively address the actual problem and fix it. Our goal? Simple – it’s to actually waterproof your foundation and keep the water out – permanently. We will work with you to craft a custom solution that will fit your goals and desires for your home.


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