Proper Building Watershed

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As you can see from the graphic above, proper building watershed involves both correct grading and correct roofing and building materials. If any of the above are not working properly, drainage problems will occur. Rain gutters play a very important role in protecting your house and downspout extensions can be an important tool for preventing water damage. A properly working drainage system is essential to avoiding water damage to your home, and a proper drainage system often includes downspout extensions.

Downspout Extensions & Rerouting Solutions

In a 1-inch rain, 1250 gallons of water fall on the roof of a 2,000-square-foot house. Without proper gutters and downspouts, the water is directed toward the perimeter of your foundation. Downspouts without extensions can deposit large amounts of rainwater in a small and concentrated area. Gutters and downspouts commonly cause problems with both drainage and foundation structures because the landscaping and soil near a house can form a basin for water.

Downspout extensions & rerouting allows water to drain in a controlled manner and away from your home. Downspouts can empty into a subsurface drain or into outlet spreaders & discharge water in a thin layer of a grassy area away from your house foundation.

Downspout extensions and rerouting are part of a complete drainage system that will fix your drainage problem. Sometimes it’s necessary to tie in downspouts to a comprehensive solution involving some or all of the following:

Complete Underground Solutions

There is a difference in the way you should handle excess water around your home and yard, depending on whether the problem is with surface water or subsurface water. In some cases, both surface and subsurface drainage systems will be needed in order to solve your drainage problem.

Once a home has been constructed and concrete driveways and patios are poured, it is sometimes a difficult and expensive process to regrade the site should water issues arise. On existing homes the best solution is sometimes installing a complete drainage solution in the yard which includes a combination of some or all of the expert solutions listed below.

We are experts at drainage and grading and can plan and install a complete drainage solution to solve all of your yard’s drainage problems. We use only the highest quality PVC pipes that stand the test of time and, if maintained properly, won’t clog or deteriorate.

Catch Basins & Dry Wells

dritek drainage solutions atlantaCatch basins catch, hold and filter runoff water from your lawn and around your house. They help with proper drainage and catch debris, which helps prevent pipes from becoming clogged. They can serve as a rainwater reservoir during periods of heavy rain and this allows the yard time to drain correctly. Catch basins also serve to prevent basements from flooding for this same reason.

A dry well is a large well filled with gravel or rocks that catches excess water and holds it while it soaks into the ground. They are very effective on large yards and when excessive water runoff is a problem. We can install precast dry wells of various sizes or build them to suit your property’s needs.

We are experts at installing catch basins and dry wells as a part of a proper drainage solution. We use only the highest quality building materials and PVC pipes that stand the test of time and, if maintained properly, won’t clog or deteriorate.

Channel & Trench Drains

A channel drain (also called a trench drain) is a linear drain that collects and moves water through an underground drainage system. It collects and distributes water over a large area. These are most commonly in needed front of garages or on walkways and patios. They are sort of like a gutter on the ground.

Channel drains can be constructed of many different types of materials, such as chemical-resistant plastic or concrete. The grates can be sturdy plastic, galvanized steel and even decorative & colored iron.

The benefits of channel drains are numerous. They are easy to maintain and an effective long-term solution for removing water. They control water flow after heavy rain and reduce soil erosion. They are customizable for many applications and finishing desires. And they can be easily connected to complete underground drainage solutions, if needed.

Channel drains can withstand everything from pedestrians to tractor trailer traffic loads. This makes them a perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications. We are experts at designing and installing channel drains in any situation or environment that you need one.

French Drains

French drains are extremely versatile for solving all kinds of drainage problems, both inside and outside your home. French drains allow water to drain as it moves through soil and gravel. Exterior French drains can be installed around the foundation and tied into the rest of your drainage solution and help decrease the amount of water pooling around the base of your home.

They essentially spread water over a large area through a buried perforated pipe. French drains can either stand alone or be combined with a dry well as a part of a complete underground drainage solution.

Your home may have had a French drain installed when it was built, but it was either incorrectly installed or has deteriorated, and that is causing your drainage problem. French drain materials have evolved over time and we only use the highest quality building materials in ours.

It’s best to have an expert, such as DriTek Solutions, inspect and install a french drain so that you can be sure that it will be long-lasting and function properly.

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