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Examples of basement leaks:

Your home was built to keep the water out, not to leak. So if water is coming in, then something needs to be fixed to keep it out. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for leaking basements here in Atlanta and Athens. That is why we custom craft each waterproofing solution for each house and each customer.


Regardless of the circumstances that have allowed water to enter your home, our first suggestion is always to keep the water out the way it was originally designed. Why? Because of our extensive experience & expertise in both landscaping & construction, as well as the latest in building science research.

Interestingly, if you do some research you’ll find that building scientists recommend against bringing the water inside your foundation so that you can then, in turn, manage it and pump it back outside (as in an interior water management system). All of the unbiased research that we have found states that interior water management systems should be used only as a last resort.

Exterior waterproofing is a permanent solution that works on the outside of your home to make your foundation walls impervious to water. This approach is greatly effective and ensures that water does not reach inside your home or your foundation walls in the first place. Your home will be protected from water damage by using our cutting-edge waterproofing techniques and high-quality materials installed by our experts.

FACTS – Exterior Waterproofing:


TAR & PLASTIC: We do not use it. Tar and plastic is an antiquated waterproofing system that doesn’t last and doesn’t keep the water out. It amazes us that there are “waterproofing” companies around that still use this system. Tar dries out over time and will eventually leak when an area becomes wet. Tar is what many builders spray on a foundation when it is being built, but it is not waterproofing. It’s better to call it damp-proofing. And depending on how the house is backfilled, the tar can begin to deteriorate right away. Applying a thin sheet of plastic to the tar will help initially, but the tar will still dry out and break down, so the plastic will cease to help keep water out because it is attached to the broken-down tar. Tar & plastic is an inferior waterproofing system, so we don’t use it in any form at all.

DIMPLE BOARD: We also don’t use this product. Many think that installing it over tar will be sufficient, but it only prolongs the inevitable – the breakdown of the tar – and not for long, because it still allows water to flow along the tar. Some install it on its own without any tar behind, attaching it straight to the foundation. Board makers will tell you that’s ok and that all you need to do is tape up the seams, but that won’t work to keep the water out of your foundation. Many DIYers use it because the big home improvement stores sell it and it seems like an easy fix. The concept sounds like it should work – dimples on the plastic board allow water and sediment to flow down to the footing and back into the soil below the foundation. Water and sediment still flow along the foundation and if proper drainage has not also been installed, it will allow water and sediment to buildup against the foundation, especially if the dimple board itself gets clogged. It fails more than it fixes.

ROLLED-ON MEMBRANE: So this sounds better, right? This is a membrane that comes in large rolls with an adhesive back preinstalled in a factory. You peel off the backing, like a huge sticker, and install. Seriously, what could go wrong? Well, if you’re applying it to a concrete or block wall (a porous surface, like all foundations are made of), then you will need to use another layer of adhesive to get it to actually stay put. If it gets cut in any way, then it will leak. Some install dimple board on top of it, but the problems remain because dimple board still allows water & sediment to flow along the membrane. And if the membrane isn’t attached just right with the right adhesive, it will allow water behind it.


It’s not available at any big-box home improvement store and no one else can install it except us. On the first layer we use a proprietary waterproofing compound and that means we can’t share with you how we make it or what’s in it. We developed it completely ourselves after many years of experience and research. Other layers include the best available industrial membranes and custom drainage solutions. Our exterior waterproofing is 100% impervious to water & sediment and it never fails. Ever. We are so confident that it will work for you that we provide a lifetime warranty for our exterior waterproofing solution.

Here’s a simple diagram of how it works:

Figure 1 – Simple Exterior Waterproofing Diagram

Every exterior waterproofing solution is different because water gets into different homes in different ways. The main exterior waterproofing solution that we provide can be described like a waterproof jacket for your foundation. Figure 1 above shows the operation of our exterior waterproofing solution. The blue arrows represent water and, as you can see from the diagram, water tries to intrude, but is stopped from coming inside. The foundation is truly waterproof.

Using the latest in building science research, the best patented materials, and our proprietary waterproofing compound, we add layers of protection which will inhibit any water from getting into the walls of your home. This is a permanent solution that will also maintain your home’s structural integrity.


  • Ideal if you are concerned about tearing up a finished basement
  • Best choice to actually waterproof your foundation
  • Ensures that the foundation remains structurally sound
  • A permanent and final solution
  • Will require accessibility to the foundation down to the footing
  • Will require tearing out & replacing landscaping*

*We have extensive experience & expertise in landscaping and can provide these services for you as well


Because of our extensive experience & expertise in both drainage & construction, our preferred basement waterproofing solutions are:

Why are those our preferred solutions? Because our goal is simple – We Keep The Water Out. And the only way to truly waterproof a basement is to keep the water out. Interior systems do not keep the water out. They merely manage the water that is intruding into your home. Read more about exterior vs. interior solutions here.

However, if you need or prefer an interior waterproofing solution, we can provide those for you as well. As experts in both exterior and interior waterproofing, foundation repair, and drainage, we are your only choice to provide complete waterproofing services that are customized to your home and your needs.

We have 30 years of experience in the Atlanta area and are known for our honesty, our high-quality solutions and our excellent service. We are experienced enough to know exactly what is causing your basement waterproofing problem, large enough to fix it right, and small enough to really care about you and your home.


Why settle for water management when you can waterproof?

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At DriTek Solutions, we solve all basement water problems – wet basement, basement leaks, basement moisture, and more. For patented and permanent solutions from experienced basement waterproofing contractors, call us today. You’ll be glad you did!


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