At DriTek Solutions, we know that you may be wondering how does water enter a foundation? There are 4 ways that moisture enters your basement, crawl space or slab foundation. They are:

  • Capillary action – water wicks through porous materials or small cracks. Poured concrete walls and concrete blocks are porous materials used to build foundations and foundation walls. Primary sources of moisture through capillary action are rain and groundwater.

Figure 1. An example of capillary action Photo source

  • Bulk water transport – moisture flows through holes, cracks or gaps in foundations and foundation walls. Primary sources of bulk water are rain and groundwater.

Figure 2. example of bulk water transport

  • Air transport – unsealed cracks, holes, and joints between conditioned and unconditioned areas allow air containing water vapor in the air and soil. Primary sources are water vapor in the air and soil.

Figure 3. how moisture is transported through the air and soil

  • Vapor diffusion – water vapor in the air moves through permeable materials Primary source are water vapor in the air.

Figure 4. example of vapor diffusion (condensation)

It’s easy to see obvious signs of a water intrusion problem in a foundation, whether they are basements, crawl spaces, or slabs. Most foundation and below-grade walls are constructed from poured concrete or concrete masonry block. Concrete products are porous and, unless treated, are not waterproof, allowing water to migrate into the building.

Common signs of moisture problems in existing foundations can be seen as visible water or puddles, visible staining of interior finishes, mold growth, and efflorescence (water-borne white mineral salt deposits). Interior finishes or insulation may conceal the presence of bulk water issues for extended periods of time, and problems may not be evident until damage is extensive.

Groundwater and rainwater can cause a lot of damage to a home. Building materials that are allowed to remain damp or saturated for long periods of time will eventually fail.

Foundation water barrier systems help drain water away from the slab, footing, and below-grade walls. What this means to you is peace-of-mind knowing your home has a comprehensive set of measures that minimize the risk of water damage in your basement. Wouldn’t you agree every home should have full water protection?

At DriTek Solutions, we understand how water enters your foundation. We are experts at finding solutions to your water intrusion problem. We are the best choice for foundation waterproofing, drainage solutions, foundation repair, and crawl space encapsulation.


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