Why don’t homeowners waterproof their basements when they need it?

It’s sometimes easy to ignore basement waterproofing issues. A leak may seem small or insignificant, or there may be moisture issues in an area that you don’t frequent much. And let’s face it – addressing basement waterproofing problems can be a daunting task. You may be asking yourself questions like: How can I know what is causing the problem? What is the best solution? Will it cost a fortune? Will it really work?

And you may also be thinking, “How much damage can a little bit of water really do?” The answer to that question is: More than you realize!

Your best approach is to be proactive. Even a small amount of moisture can do a lot of damage to your basement, which is the foundation of your home. Ignoring basement water issues now can cost you more over time.

It’s important to differentiate between myths and facts when it comes to something as important as your foundation. Below are some common myths that keep homeowners from addressing their basement waterproofing concerns.

One Size Fits All

A lot of bad advice has been circulating for some time that says that any basement waterproofing treatment works for all basements. Some say just paint the walls with waterproofing paint. Others say all you need to do is caulk. Or install a sump pump. Or put in a basement waterproofing system. This One-Size-Fits-All approach doesn’t address the real issue – what is causing the waterproofing problem?

All houses are different; therefore, all basements are different. Basement waterproofing solutions that work are going to vary from one house to another. There is no One-Size-Fits-All approach that will actually work for every basement out there.

Waterproofing Costs Too Much

If you’ve been searching online and found the price of some waterproofing materials, and if you’ve already received a few quotes from reputable waterproofing companies, it may look expensive. It may feel like getting tires on your car – it seems like it costs a lot for something that isn’t pretty to look at, for something you don’t really see much. But how important is it to have good tires on your car? You know the answer to that question already – it’s very important.

The same thing goes for your basement foundation. Although it may not seem like it, water damage, even from a seemingly small problem, can cause a lot of damage to your home. Fixing it now before it leads to bigger structural problems in the future, is the best way to go. A small leak now can become a flooded basement in the future. And the cost to restore a flooded basement in the future is far more than the cost to proactively fixing your basement now.

Waterproofing Doesn’t Work in the Long Run

A big myth that homeowners believe is that there’s no reason to spend the money on waterproofing because the same problem is just going to come back after time. But if the true waterproofing problem is addressed properly, it will be fixed permanently.

Remember that it’s good to differentiate between myths and facts. Mistakenly believing the myths that are out there about basement waterproofing can cause you to make the wrong decisions about your basement and have more serious problem later on.


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